A part of DOGA's work is set on the international arena where DOGA speaks at various gambling conferences about lessons learnt from the Danish market and about principles of sensible online gambling regulation. 

The key to creating a viable and successful gambling market is to understand the gambling industry and to adopt pragmatic regulatory measures to strike the balance between a socially responsible yet commercially attractive gambling regime. 

The Danish gambling model is seen as a good example of how to adopt sensible measures for gambling regulation and many other jurisdictions have found inspiration in the legal framework. This is one of the reasons why it is important that DOGA engages with regulators in other jurisdictions to explain the pros and cons of the Danish gambling regulation. 

DOGA is in an excellent position as an organization to bridge between the gambling industry operators and gambling regulators world-wide with the Association's members who are prominent gambling operators licensed in multiple jurisdictions around the world and with Morten Ronde, the CEO, who previously in his career as gambling regulator was involved in drafting the Danish gambling regulation.  

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