Laundering the proceeds of organised crime

MONEYVAL Typology Report

The report examines the methods used by organised criminal groups to launder illegally earned funds and the challenges faced by financial intelligence units,  law enforcement agencies and prosecutors in investigating money laundering linked to organised crime groups.

It analyses the main reasons and obstacles for relevant authorities to successfully prosecute organised crime groups and those who launder money on their behalf, as well as to achieve final confiscations of the proceeds from organised crime. With a view to assisting relevant authorities, it sets out possible measures that can be taken to improve the investigation and prosecution of organised crime and support the confiscation of proceeds.

Specific typologies and trends are also included, together with red flag and indicators, for use by financial intelligence units in their analysis to assist identifying cases where organised criminal groups might be involved.

The report was published in May 2015.

The report can be found here: MONEYVAL report

For further information: Committee of Experts on the evaluation on anti-money laundering measures and the financing of terrorism (MONEYVAL) 

Black Market Survey part II

In March 2015 DOGA published the results of a study concerning the size of the black market in Denmark, specifically in online sports betting. 

The second part of the black market survey was finalized in May 2015. It concerns the extensive number of online casino operators on the Danish market. The purpose of the survey is to estimate the Danish volume and value share for betting operators without a Danish license.

On behalf of DOGA the agency MyResearch conducted the study between 22/4 – 8/5 2015 and interviewed 4131 persons aged between 18-65 residing in Denmark (total population in this group is 3.5 M people). Of the 4,131 interviews a total of 1005 people played sports betting, poker or casino.

See results from the black market survey here.

Black Market Survey

The Danish Gambling Authority and H2 Gambling Capital have published very different estimates of the black market size and it was therefore necessary for DOGA to investigate further into the actual size of the black market. 

On behalf of DOGA the agency MyResearch conducted the study during January 2015 and interviewed 4,637 people among 18-65 year residing in Denmark (total population in this group is 3.5 M people). Of the 4,637 interviews a total of 1,095 people played sports betting.

See results from the the black market survey here


Match Fixing Report 2014

A working group appointed by the Minister of Culture prepared a report on match fixing. The working group started their research in February 2013 and finalized their research ultimo December 2013. The report examines the regulation in Denmark and other countries abroad. It also includes recommendations relevant in the area of match fixing. 

The report was published the 30th September 2014. 

To read the report (so far, there is only a Danish version), please click on the following link: KUM report

The use of online gambling for money laundering and the financing of terrorism purposes

MONEYVAL Typology Report

The report provides an overview of the online gambling sector in MONEYVAL countries, including the extent and type of gambling offered and the ML/FT risks and vulnerabilities associated with online gambling and the methods of payment used. A list of typologies, red-flag indicators and vulnerabilities is presented, based on the experiences shared by public and private stakeholders with the project team. The report concludes that one of the major vulnerabilities is directly linked to unregulated online gambling. Additionally, given that online gambling, by its nature, is conducted anonymously, the use of false or stolen identities is less likely to be detected. The use of alternative payment systems to credit online gambling accounts systems may also augment the risk of ML/FT. Challenges also arise due to the cross-border nature of online gambling. The regulation and supervision of online gambling remain the strongest mitigating factors to prevent abuse.

The report was published in April 2013.

The report can be found here: MONEYVAL report

The Danish Gambling Authority's Guideline on preventive measures against money laundering and terrorist financing

The Danish Gambling Authority is responsible for monitoring gambling operators who must help prevent money laundering and terrorist financing. The Danish Money Laundering Secretariat (SEIC) is responsible for receiving, analysing and communicating notifications when there is a suspicion of money laundering or terrorist financing activity.

This guideline was published by the Danish Gambling Authority in July 2013.