The Online Gambling Industry in Denmark

In 2012 the Danish government dismantled the gambling monopoly and reformed the gambling law opening up for a licensed and liberalized gambling and betting market. Morten Rønde, CEO of DOGA, played an important role in drafting and implementing the reform of the Danish gambling market. The reform includes a liberalization of online casino, poker activities and sports betting. On January 1 2012 - when the law was put into effect - 32 gaming suppliers were licenced and thereby officially allowed to offer betting and gambling in the country home to about 5.6 million people. Today, the number of licensed suppliers has risen to 42 and the increased control and regulation of the industry has been a profitable investment for the state. Furthermore online gambling in Denmark is now practised in a controlled and fixed setting, and many illegal players have moved to the licensed and thereby legal sites. 

There is a 20 % taxation of the private gaming suppliers' income.

The state of Denmark owns the largest gambling operator in the country, Danske Spil (DS). DS had the monopoly on the market before the reform in 2011 and has increased its turnover after 2011.