Infographic on The Danish Gambling Market 2008 - 2014

DOGA is pleased to publish an infographic on the Danish Gambling Market showing gross gaming revenue numbers from 2008 - 2014. 

Morten Ronde, CEO of DOGA, says about the new infographic: "It is not easy to find proper presentations of numbers for gambling markets in Europe. I want to make information about the Danish gambling market easily accessible for operators, regulators, journalists and other stakeholders within the industry. While some of the information used in the infographic is available on government sites or in commercial databases, DOGA's infographic provides estimates of the black market size, offline/online split on betting products etc. I believe that our infographic is a useful tool for people interested in the Danish market. Furthermore, I hope that the Danish Government over time will publish more numbers from the gambling market so DOGA's estimates can be replaced with factual numbers." 

See infographic Danish version below.