Black Market Survey part II published


Copenhagen, May 2015

In March 2015 DOGA published the results of a study concerning the size of the black market in Denmark, specifically in online sports betting.

The second part of the black market survey was finalized in May 2015. It concerns the extensive number of online casino operators on the Danish market. The purpose of the survey is to estimate the Danish volume and value share for betting operators without a Danish license.

On behalf of DOGA the agency MyResearch conducted the study between 22/4 – 8/5 2015 and interviewed 4131 persons aged between 18-65 residing in Denmark (total population in this group is 3.5 M people). Of the 4,131 interviews a total of 1005 people played sports betting, poker or casino.

The results of the survey can be summarized as follows:

       21% of the Danish population between 18-65 places bets on online sports betting, 8 % poker and 8 % online casino

       6 % of the online gambling players place bets with unlicensed betting operators, 27 % with online poker operators, 23 % with unlicensed online casino operators

       14 % of the online gambling players have placed bets/played casino or poker with unlicensed operators.

       In average 13% of the total monthly spend is placed with online operators without a Danish license. 10 % is spent on betting, 17 % on online casino and 19 % on online poker. 

       Women, younger and people with a high monthly spend plays more frequently with operators without Danish license.

       The average monthly spend among persons who bets with unlicensed operators is 5 times higher.

See results from the black market survey here.

Morten Ronde, Chief Executive of DOGA, said commenting on the results of the survey:

“The survey affirms the conclusion of the previous black market survey, namely that the black market in Denmark is indeed a reality. While there are few Danes who place bets on unlicensed sites these players spend a significant amount of money when they bet.

This new survey was the last piece of the puzzle, showing that the black market is not only present in sports betting but also in online casino.

It cannot be stressed enough that this needs to be taken seriously. We need to consider why so many of the Danish players are still using black market operators and what could be done to encourage the players to stake money on licensed operators only.

In my mind the government should look at allowing the online operators to provide a broader product scope – i.e. online bingo and instant lottery games – to avoid that Danish players are using black market operators to play these games. Moreover, better digital user experience e.g. upon account log-in will allow Danish licensees to compete more efficiently for consumer demand in global digital cyberspace.

Perhaps the Danish Gambling Authority could also do more to inform the players about who the licensed operators in Denmark are. We know from a previous study made earlier this year that half of the players who stake money on black market operators are unaware that these operators are unlicensed.”