DOGA in DR TV Program: "Spillegal" (Crazy about Gambling)

Saturday 23 November DOGA particpated in TV program in the national TV station DR2 dealing with the increasing Danish gambling consumption. The program focused on how the Danish gaming market has changed since the reregulation of the market.

The interview explains that in the new gambling market earned 2.1 billion in gross gaming revenue in 2012, but the new gambling operators still are concerned about the unfair competition from Danish Spil.

Morten Roende, CEO of DOGA elaborates on this in the interview :

"It's actually not so easy to get market shares in the Danish gaming market as there is no gambling operators that are slightly dominant. It is a very competitive market where only the strongest survive."

One might think that the new gambling operators have an advantage in that they are large and international, but that was also rejected Ronde: "Yes but you need to Danske Spil's business based on an old monopoly where they have a huge customer database. And then you also have to consider that when this company buys marketing campaigns they have the state budget in the wallet, so they have some advantages that the others do not have.

In reply to the question: "The international providers do have a bankroll that is as huge as Danske Spil's. Have theynot been good/competetive enough?" Morten replies: "It's just not as easy as you'd think. You cannot buy a database of 600,000 Danish gamblers anywhere. So even if you threw a lot of money in it so it would not achieve the same result as Danske Spil"

See the TV program here