Workshop on Know-Your-Customer (KYC) in Gambling 4 October in Copenhagen - updated agenda!!

Denmark was the first country in the world to bring online player verification into a fully digitalized world. The gambling reform introduced legal measures for complete online verification of player identity by using the national social security registry (CPR) and the national digital identity system (NemID).

The online verification system allows the Danish gambling operators to identify a player’s identity without using copies of identity documents such as passport or driver’s licence and creates a quick and safe system for registration of players with a gambling operator within minutes - but it also came with a cost for the operators. Numerous technical and legal issues have arisen during the launch of the new gambling market which was likely to have affected the total turnover of the market.

Danish Online Gambling Association is bringing the gambling industry and key people from Experian, Dan ID and the Gambling Authority together to discuss the efficiency of the system and what lessons can be learned.

The invited speakers will furthermore examine new trends and regulation in KYC measures and offer an opinion on what is in store for the gambling industry in the near future.

14:30-15:00 Welcome by the Danish Online Gambling Association
15:00-15:30 Services to improve the knowledge of your customer
15:30-16:00 Global trends in player verification
16:00-16:30 Networking break
16:30-16:45 Focus on the user experience when implementing a verification product
16:45-17:15 Word from the regulator 
17:15-17:45 Status, tips and tweaks for the use of NemID 
17:45-18:15 Discussion and closing of workshop

4th of October 2012


Conference fee: 
500 DKK for members of Danish Online Gambling Association
1,250 DKK for non-members
All prices are including vat


Details on workshop sessions

14:30-15:00 Welcome
Speaker: Morten Ronde, CEO, Danish Online Gambling Association

15:00-15:30 Tools and services to improve the knowledge of your customer
Experian is the leading global information services company, providing data and analytical tools to clients in more than 80 countries. The company helps businesses to manage credit risk, prevent fraud, target marketing offers and
automate decision making.

Experian has been an important player in the Danish gambling reform as it is offering a service for the gambling operators to verify the identity of registered Danish customers/players.

Frank Nielsen from Experian will share his thoughts about how to make even better use of the tools and services Experian is providing for the gambling operators and will touch on following topics:

  • Online player acquisition and reactivation in Denmark
  • International ID verification
  • Player profiling and analysis
  • Increasing conversion from Play For Free to Play For Money

Speaker: Frank Nielsen, Client Director, Experian 

15:30-16:00 Global trends in player verification
Speaker: Emma Lindley, Director, Innovate Identity

16:30-16:45 Focus on the user experience when implementing a verification product
Speaker: Troels Munck, CEO,  EKYC

16:45-17:15 Word from the regulator
The Danish Gambling Authority will share details about how KYC measures were implemented by the gambling operators and the current challenges for the regulator and operators.

The gambling authority will furthermore unveil some details about the on-going work regarding the Anti-Money Laundering Directive and how this may affect the gambling industry.

Speaker: Mette Thomsen, Danish Gambling Authority

17:15-17:45 Status, tips and tweaks for the use of the digital signature, NemID
Nets DanID is the provider of the Danish ID scheme NemID which is a significant driving force in the digitalization of Denmark.

Nets DanID played a key role in the implementation of the new gambling regime as the gambling operators were required to implement the NemID service into their Danish gambling platforms. For some operators this has been a very challenging exercise.

Nets DanID is prepared to answer questions from the gambling industry and will provide an update on:

  • How many operators are up and running?
  • How many operators are using the NemID solution with/without company registration number?
  • Statistical data about the number of unique users (including users per month)
  • The future for use of NemID on the mobile platform
  • New trends

Speaker: Susan Kit Hansen, Key Account Manager, Nets DanID

17:45-18:15 Discussion and closing of workshop
All speakers will engage in a closing discussion regarding the efficiency of the current KYC requirements and possible improvements.