DOGA at the People's Meeting in Bornholm

Bookmakers and politicians rejoice over gambling act


16th June 2012

The new Danish gambling legislation, which came into force at the turn of the year, was debated among politicians and experts at the People’s Meeting in Bornholm. And there was joy to trace in the faces of
the bookies, who experience greater turnover than expected, and the politicians who are happy with the large number of gambling companies who have applied for licenses to operate in Denmark.

The trade association for the online gambling operators, Danish Online Gambling Association, had on the Saturday 16th of June invited politicians and experts to a debate at the People's Meeting in order to discuss the Danish gambling legislation. The gambling legislation which came into force at the turn of the year has already been hailed as a beacon to the rest of Europe and there are indications that politicians have had a lucky hand when they drafted the law. There were broad smiles among people from the industry and experts when they were asked to take stock. The only discordant note came from the professional football association’s director, Claus Thomsen, who argued that sports clubs should have the rights to the commercial applications of the results they generate.

Quotes from the debate:

"Denmark has shown the way in this area because we were among the first to dare a deregulation of the gambling market.The law is a model throughout Europe and a welcome helping hand to the work in Brussels to create common guidelines "Morten Løkkegaard, Member of the European Parliament for The Liberal Party

"The whole gaming industry was unsure whether we in Denmark could make a market which was attractive for the state, the operators and the players. But now it's like the market has really taken off. Turnover is much higher than expected. Alone in the betting, we expect a turnover of 6.5 billion Danish kroner”Morten Rønde, DOGA

“I welcome the new Danish gambling act. It's something I've worked for and I hope that firmly anchored and secured funding through the national budget will ensure the ability to expand treatment options and focus on the prevention area for gambling addiction problems, which until now has been neglected"Michael Jørsel, Center for Ludomani

"We have a desire to see the sport get the rights to the results that it produces like the way it is in different countries in Asia. This is also something the Olympic organization is working for. This will give a business model that is easier to plan from and then it will make it easier to prevent match-fixing "Claus Thomsen, Divisionsforeningen


The event took place in the debate tent "Meaning Ministry" on Allinge Harbour, Bornholm, Saturday 16th June at 12 to 13th.  Besides Rønde, Løkkegaard, Jørsel and Thomsen there was participation from former Minister for Taxation, Kristian Jensen, MP for The Liberal Party and Jan Madsen from the Danish Gaming Authority.